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Discussion on: Installing ZSH on Windows

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Arjun Porwal Author

maybe waiting for sometime would have made it work , or else you can try the next steps and see if the commands worked properly. If the commands didn't work then you will not see the screen in cmder as I did. Good luck

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Ok, I got an issue. After this step: "Do the same for Admin Privileges , rename it as {cygwin:ZSH as Admin} and replace command with:...". I launch Cmder again, it's starting mintty.exe but after gave error: "/usr/bin/zsh: Exit 126.
Failed to run '/usr/bin/zsh': No such file or directory".
zsh folder was not in archive so I created one, but error still pop out. Any suggetions or info about it?

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Arjun Porwal Author

Yeah so now its confirmed that the commands
install apt-cyg /bin
apt-cyg install zsh git gdb dos2unix openssh vim

did not work properly , that's why zsh is not installed yet. I think you can try to remove everything and follow the steps again. Maybe you missed a step that would have caused this problem.