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Discussion on: Installing ZSH on Windows

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Arjun Porwal Author • Edited

I didn't mean the phrase that way, its all cool.
Ohkay so , with the help of Cygwin I am just installing apt-cyg , to install zsh & git that's all. The other packages are user's choice. But For WSL I have to go to windows store and install Full Ubuntu Shell Package .
Yes WSL is a windows feature, and some people might find it easier to set it up for their usage, I agree with that. It's just a matter of choice , for me it was easier to Find and Do it this way , and just shared it with others.
As I said Before, If anyone wants they can prefer going WSL way, this way isn't a compulsory.
Though thanks for listing this other way too here, it can help many more people 😊🤘

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