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Discussion on: Rookie SEO mistakes

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Ustariz Enzo Author

Absolutely !
Time is closely related with SEO, sometimes we just need to wait for organic users and results, and it can be frustrating.

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ProgrammerByDay • Edited

Any tips on how to make that faster? I want that for my blog

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Ustariz Enzo Author

Well to make that faster you need to have the (kind of) perfect SEO.
Performance - Accessiblity - Good and unique content - backlinks - etc ...

Also it's perfect if you can boost the release of something with an existing community.

For example if you have an instagram page and you create a shop, you can say hey guys look at my shop = boom , it's a release boost.

But as I said, the best way to grow something on the web, is to fuel this thing with good content and ... wait !

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