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Discussion on: How to install Flutter on macOS using homebrew and asdf

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Mr F. Author • Edited

Hmm that's odd.

You can find which flutter versions you have by doing

$ asdf list flutter
> 1.12.13+hotfix.7-stable

to get the path you just need to do

$ which flutter
 >  /Users/0xDonut/.asdf/shims/flutter

you can use this output to inform android studio

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This didn't work for me- ~/.asdf/shims/flutter is the executable, whereas Android Studio wants the directory. This is a problem for the Dart plugin too.

I can use ~/.asdf/installs/flutter/<version>, but now I'm not honoring asdf's global selection (or its local one if .tool-versions is in the project).

(btw thanks for the write up!)