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{A} Numbers - All things are number

Today I want to show you something I've been working on lately, and ask for any feedback and ideas about the next steps :)

Lets imagine... Every piece of data can be converted into static {A} Number.

Pack Your Data

Process and store any type of textual information: Articles, white papers, books, code backups, json, html markup, css, code snippets, databases or any other.

Get Short Number And Instant Access Link

Get A digital representation of your data and a short access link to your information. Use it everywhere: online and offline. You can share your data with anyone or just keep it for yourself with a private password. Private data can be viewed or updated only if you pass a valid password-key.

Unpack Your Data

Just use your number for back data conversion. Every {A} Number represent a piece of information.

Organize And Manage Your Data

Get a personalized dashboard on signing up. Edit, organize your Public or Private A records. Use Collections feature to store your data in an organized way.

Extensive API

Get all the details on how to CREATE, READ, UPDATE Or DELETE your data, create Private or Public data on 100A.IO with our extensive API Reference.


Use Any of our predefined high quality apps to generate beautiful representations of your data.

Visit us: 100A.IO

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