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Discussion on: Let's face it, we have a broken technical interview process in our industry

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Asking questions have nothing to do with live coding or whiteboarding.

Specifically whiteboarding, I probably don't do the way that most people do. I use a whiteboard for the very purpose of them drawing something they know (or should know, if they've been paying attention in their previous/last role), in order to generate the questions I ask.

I think that probably differentiates on that key principle, other than the candidates history, I don't come into an interview with a pre-set list of questions. It's much more akin to a conversation, and if it's not a two way conversation, with the candidate asking me (sometimes very tricky) questions, they probably won't get the job.

That's probably why I (probably incorrectly) jumped from "performance anxiety" to "debilitating anxiety" - while they have commonalities, it's most definitely not the same thing.

Back to whiteboards, the best one I had, was an interviewer asked me to "draw the testing triangle" - nothing more, just wanted to know if I knew it. It's the kind of thing that as a developer, we never really bother thinking about, but should definitely be aware of.

Problem is unable to code or solve a problem (which they will be able to do perfectly fine in a normal work situation, even with time based pressure or some other work pressure)

In any situation, interview, daily work, shopping - if someone can't tell me there's a problem, there's nothing I can do. However, tell me there's a problem, and we'll move mountains (hopefully together) to put it right.

switch to take home assignments

Seniors get a take home assignment, juniors don't. For a little better context with what I do with juniors, check my post (and please feel free to give feedback, knowing the context better):

Off-topic (for this conversation) - I didn't see your job title until today, when I decided to read the thread fully on my laptop, instead of my phone. It was actually a junior developer (in the job, not in an ineterview) that introduced me to jHipster, and while it doesn't quite work well for us, we do make use of it where sensible. So kudos on working on something that other dev teams use (our work is all internal only, very specific domain knowledge etc).