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Discussion on: Responsibilities of a Senior Dev

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Do you not find that the daily updates and processes for everything hurt overall adaptability?

I have once worked at a company that, I kid you not, had a "process for creating processes."

Day to day things, like how to use Git, sure. Have a process, have everyone working the same way. But sometimes there's a guy on the team that hasn't had enough coffee that morning and screws up a commit. You need some people on the team (even if it's only 1 person) that can think outside the box while under pressure.

Same argument stands for all business processes... though those times should definitely be the exception, and not the rule.

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Kim Arnett  Author

There's a balance right - I've been on both extremes and I appreciate a good flow lol. It helps everyone, but there's certainly a tipping point where the processes are suffocating, and no longer serving the purpose of the process in the first place.

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