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Artificial Intelligence-Our Future?

I still remember when I was around 9-10 years old then I used to hear a lot about different assumptions and opinion regarding our future which was supposed to be carried away by AI most of any other inventions and technologies.
Again here I am 19-20 years i.e., ten years after all those assumptions and opinions and if we talk about the progress on AI inventions then yes it is most reliable technology of any and is on verge of further more improvising this technology.
AI has proved to be boon to the new generation in many fields and works like AI is best option to be used as guide to self driving cars, a new invention of new world.
AI based assistant is being used in most of mobile phones, laptops and is also available by different companies to be used as assistant to us in order to command to either switch on the light or close the electronic door.
To sum up, I would say, yes AI is definitely a rising future which is only going to be big and improvised in order to meet future needs and demands.

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