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Discussion on: Manage your technical debt roadmap right from your code 🚀

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Harvey Thompson

I like this idea - a very low impact and easy to use system for developers.

Personally I had been using Jira and Structure plugin for a one man project to track tasks and development, but after I while I realized that although Jira and especially Structure are great in some ways, in particular for large projects, it's not as flexible and requires time and resources to run/keep things up to date.

So I started using Emacs and org-mode (essentially a text file with bullet points, but it does folding, tree manipulations, etc) to track design and tasks. The text files are checked in to git as I develop the code. I therefore have no Jira instance to worry about. Everything is in git, with history even on tasks. I can cross link in org to source files and back again. This is not a web app, it's just Emacs (editor), git and text files.

Now I'm actually using this pattern even for group projects I work on where we're all working in Jira - though I only use it to track my personal progress, thoughts, research and details of Jira tasks I'm working on.

So we have DevOps - "structure as code", this seems to be TaskOps - "task management as code"?

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Maxime Thoonsen 🌳 Author

I like your idea of TaskOps. And indeed leveraging Git is very helpful and easy to setup.