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re: Just out of curiousity now, what is the lines/files of code split between tests and application code? And also curious, what programming language?
  • The tests are in the same file as the class.
  • Approximately 65000 lines of tests, so about 20% is test code.
  • The programming language is called XXXXX (*)

(*) Name redacted because it's a new unreleased and in-development. Doubt it will see the public eye for a few years or more (if ever). It is however written in itself because "Dog Fooding" (and heavy testing) is the only way to hope to succeed at such insanity.

FYI - The counts are pretty inaccurate, I didn't use sloc tools, just find/xargs/wc. I'd say there's about 15% of blank lines/comments/junk at a guess.

I guess we can add one more unpopular software opinion:

We do need Yet Another Programming Language!

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