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Discussion on: On Developer Fetishes

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Harvey Thompson

Mostly agree!

Balance "Be Curious" with "Get Things Done". When held in tension these increase skill/productivity, but they can easily become ditches one can get stuck in.

Learn lots of different languages and frameworks, but spend more time learning more about how the ones you're using now work, learn new features added (eg. I'm surprised at myself and colleagues lack of knowledge of the latest C++ versions: I know most of C++11, some of C++14, hardly any of C++17 and had no idea C++20 is nearing completion).

As for editors, it's the same thing, though personally I've opted for the "learn one editor and continually add new (and remove old) extensions and packages carefully to increase productivity, and definitely write your own". First thing I install wherever I go is my programming environment (bash, git, emacs, Jira, Structure, etc.) using an automated script that's been honed over the years.