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Thomas Simon

Hello All!

Thank you for accepting me in your community.
My name is Thomas, I am a 10+yrs. IT Support Engineer.
I graduated in IT Networks and Telecommunications. And specialized in servers infrastructure administration and support.
I am expatriated in Bolivia since two years, I'm originally from France.
I provide IT support services in freelance and since July '19 I resumed my programming lessons in order to orientate my career towards development.

I am currently committed to the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter, learning JavaScript through freeCodeCamp and other online courses.
I recently obtained freeCodeCamp's certification in responsive web design developement. Surprisingly, as I had previous encounters with CSS, this time I enjoyed it very much.

I am also learning a little bit of Python which I prefer much more than JavaScript but I'm committed to go as far as I can with the freeCodeCamp curriculum, aiming for the full stack developer certification.

Have a great and happy coding day!

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Calvin Fronda

Welcome Thomas! How was the transition from IT support to software development ?