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Discussion on: What's something you're currently learning?

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I like these posts where people get encouraged to learn more. Although I am not learning any JavaScript for now I am happy to push my dreams come true. All of this is thanks to covid. I have been working with hardware-software company for 2 years and learned only the networking part. The whole rest was regression testing with the clock in my hand. Now after covid happened I have completely lost my happiness at work and pushed myself to learn .net and c#. This idea made mi do two courses on the udemy platform and there actually more to come. As covid was spreading the hw-sw company started firing people and I was on the list too. This made me further pursue the master plan I made for myself. Now I am really happy because I am going to start from the 1st of June as a Junior .Net Developer. Moving away from testing.

I started to learn and make some simple apps with winforms and then I will give a try with