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Hi Evan, really thanks for this post. I will try to steal your travis script :) :P

I also moved recently from Medium to github pages ( and I also bumped my head against the wall with the master branch trick. My deployment scripts are also just fine for the moment ( but I'll try to make use of your example :D

By the way, on my similar journey like yours, I met several other ideas and concepts:

Basically, we're trendy! It's the cool way to make personal sites and blogs nowadays :))

Yeah I found it kind of annoying that you can't serve a user or org site from a specific directory on master like you can with the docs folder on the project sites. Though once I got it set up with Travis, I did prefer that way since it keeps the built files separate from the source code.

I didn't know about that gh-pages node module, it looks pretty handy! Thanks for the links, I'll definitely check them out.

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