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Discussion on: The Five Pillars of a Successful Career in Software

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Ezell Frazier

Some solid talking points here.

However I think there aren't that many pillars.

For me, there's only one, knowing what one wants. And this is a process. One can never truly know what they want. It's a shifting target.

We should keep track of our wins and losses, highs and lows and find opportunities which fit our needs and improve upon shortcomings.

It's important for one to find their center and stay on course. Because there's a lot of noise (shiny new objects), and a lot of gate-keeping in this community.

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Laurent Lousky

Very true. I feel like you can’t work backwards and establish pillars if you don’t know what you want. Once you know what you want, the pillars will form through trial and error. Of course it’s easy to see the pillars looking backwards but you can’t start from the finish line 😉