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re: I like this idea quite a bit. We actually have a postgres based setup at work plus a rabbitmq and it would be nice to try to eliminate a moving pie...

Agreed, opening up access to all nodes is a serious drawback to this approach but I am sure that there are ways to go around this.

How are you and your colleagues liking RabbitMQ. We too are big fans of minimalism. Have there been some unexpected downsides to to introducing rabbit (besides having an additional moving piece)?


Minimalist would be a simple Redis, like other said. You can get also persistent storage (from time to time), performance and scaling (if needed).

Slack devs are also reticent to new dependencies and avoids adding new tech in their stack, you can read about their Job Queue system here, which is exactly what you need too (more or less). The old system is on redis (previous version, probably is enough for your needs)


I'm a big fan of rabbit. Used it in production on several occasions for rather large (hundreds of messages per second) deployments and it worked really well for me. It's very easy to setup and it just sort of works.

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