re: Dealing with Asynchrony when Writing End-To-End Tests with Puppeteer + Jest VIEW POST

re: Great writing! Thx Albert 🙂

Thank you! I have recently switched to Cypress ( which makes dealing with Asynchrony so much easier :)


I have experience with Jest and Unit tests for a UI Kit, but now I want to write e2e tests for an end-user application with SSR and SPA parts. I thought that I could just use Cypress, but after some research, I've started to doubt:

  • it doesn't have global setup/teardown API to start mock API server (needed for SSR) and the app itself;
  • it doesn't support regression testing officially and it couldn't be solved easily on the fly.

Now I think about using Jest with Puppeteer for e2e tests and something for screenshot diffs. I need to run my tests in GitlabCI at first.

What would you suggest? Is Cypress still better choice for me?

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