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Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson

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How to make learning to code easier and fun

//Before I begin , I would like to say that these
//methods helped me out , so it might not necessarily
//mean that it works for you , so with that , here are
//the methods that helped make learning to code easier.

1. Don’t be hard on yourself

Primarily , Don’t be hard on yourself , there will be some days when things might not go great or you feel defeated . It’s ok , take a day off and always have enough sleep. There’s always tomorrow . I know it might not be the best of advice but taking it a bit easy helps your performance (at least it did for me). I feel that if one is hard on themself , it makes the thing that they are trying to do very tedious. So please do take it easy , when I mean easy , I don’t mean to not do anything and be extremely carefree , what I mean is when you’re learning and things don’t go well don’t become upset or anxious , take a deep breath and do something you love and then get back to it and if it still doesn’t go well , there’s always tomorrow.

2. Have a partner for your journey .

Doing things by yourself isn’t necessarily a fun thing to do . Find someone to join you in your journey , maybe a friend or classmate , working with people helps you learn quicker and you understand things more easily and if anyone is stuck somewhere , y’all can help/learn together.

3. Use available websites to program together

If you’re unable to meet together or want to code on your individual systems , there are websites that allow you to share code and to edit one another’s code in real time . A platform I use to share or contribute my code to repositories , I use Github and if I want to code in real time where we can see each other type and edit one another’s code , I personally use Replit as it helps you to learn together while helping one another out by correcting one another’s mistakes.

4. Create or Contribute to Repositories on Github

Creating/Contributing to Repositories have helped me apply my knowledge to required Program requests . There are hundreds and thousands of Repositories on Github , from base level of coding for each language to Applications by Big Companies like Google and Microsoft . If you’re new to programming , search for a repository for the language you’re learning and you’ll find many and some that are for new programmers and there are some with a list of desired programs the Repository Owner wants to add to his/her repository , y’all can use this as a way of seeing your progress and a feeling of accomplishment and a confirmation that you understand what you’re learning .

5. Change up your work/studying environment

If you prefer learning by yourself and feel lethargic or unmotivated , change up your environment , clean up the workspace and if listening to music/podcast helps you , go for it , preferably relaxing or chill music but see what fits you.

So yeah , these are my methods on how to make programming easier and fun and if you find that I went wrong somewhere or if you have another method to add , feel free to let me know.

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Shaquil Maria

Great, solid points! 👌🏾
Personally I am a very hands-on person, so to learn, working on projects is the easiest for me. And I can say, having a partner to work on projects with makes it way more fun and easy.

The biggest benefit of that is indeed like you said, you can help each other out. But besides that you can see different approaches to solving a problem, and that will help you improve your problem solving skills.

In my opinion point #5 should be the first one. There are always ups and downs, as long as you keep moving and learning it's totally fine.

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Aaron Johnson

Hey Shaquil , thank you for reading this and I’m happy that you liked it . What you said is indeed true too , working with a partner will definitely show you different views on a solution . Sure I will place 5 as 1 . Thank you . Have a good day .