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So What Is That Bookmark Emoji Actually For

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
Cruising python seas. Independent Py Dev
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I found lots of people asking what the bookmark emoji means. Many said well it kind of show your love to the author. Instaed of replying to some comments, i made this post!

What Observation Tells Us

Well that is the bookmark emoji

alt text

Now we see a similar icon on the homepage

alt text

It says saved list, when we click we see some articles

alt text

Now when we go to the article, we see two reactions:

alt text

Building Our Hypothesis

Because of the similar emojis and it being present on the article in question, i dared say that this emoji saves posts

Testing Our Hypotesis

Let us bookmark a new post and see the effect

alt text

Going to the homepage we see the number of saved articles increased to two

alt text

When we finally check we see the bookmarked article in the saved list

alt text

An Observation and Thorough Testing

We see save being written on our article

alt text

if we click it, it returns to save, i.e. the post goes out of our saved list

alt text

if we check the article, the bookmark emoji is unselected

alt text


The bookmark emoji saves your post for further reading, btw what is that unicorn icon for? I wonder ...

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adam_cyclones profile image
Adam Crockett

If I'm honest, the "reactions" don't offer much. I got a unicorn or a bookmark... Cool now what?