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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v38

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I am here because I really like this website layout, I also loves web development, specially front-end technologies. I'm not the best in english and I think here I'll be able to learn more about this wonderful language. Okay, I want to learn the computer languages too, like JavaScript and the most famous markup language in the world...

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Cécile Lebleu

Bienvenido Ramires!

I’m sure you’ll love the community, it’s the best place to learn and improve. I’m also learning front-end, React right now, and I can say this community has helped me incredibly to grow and stay confident. Explore the front-end content and feel free to ask questions and leave comments, there’s people from every corner of the earth and everyone is really nice. I hope you enjoy!

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Ben Halpern

Thanks for the complement 😄