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Discussion on: Pitch me on Java

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

If you learn Java, you will become a good developer in any technology stack you want. It is strict, verbose, has a fixed way to do stuff. It has strict guidelines about coding styles. All these extra lines of code that you type to configure things, the lack of behind the scene magic, will enhance your concepts to a point that it will become a second nature for you. And then, when you work on any other tech stack, these basic skills will become foundation of your work.

In India, recruiters prefer students with java background, Not necessarily because they work on java stack, but because they know that these students will have a clear concepts, and can easily learn to work on any stack they are provided with.

I have personally experienced, that students who just learned nodejs, were not able to architect their apps in a scalable manner, Few of them don't like typescripts because they think strong typings doesn't have much benefits. They have excellent understanding of JS, and their frameworks, but can't transfer their knowledge on other stack if needed.
The students who had java as their background, it was their second nature to know how to split code into meaningful, reusable modules. They name their functions in a meaningful way. They write docblocks. And they can easily transfer and translate their skills to any stack they are given to work with. Node, PHP, Go, Dotnet.