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I really don't know the platform you're talking about or anything but I would like to chime in, because I think you're talking about the overarching concept of systems design, and the little choices we make.

I guess generally my main choice-guiding concepts when making "the little choices" are (in order):
User experience
Code maintainability

The bottom dollar is 'will it make the user have a better time', closely followed by 'will I have any idea how this code works next time I look at it' loosely within the realms of 'does it run quick'. At the end of the day it's your system so it's your call (although maybe have a talk with your co-developers about it if possible).

Dunno what you're doing over here, but that's my two cents :)


Yes - I was looking at the overarching concept and just this one option as an example. For this particular example, I think it does not change the user experience. The page will be the same.

How do you determine what is more maintainable? I'm not sure.
On what do you optimize? I'm not sure.

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