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re: Hi. Here mostly because of the great articles I've read on Dev.to. I'm learning (or re-learning C, C# and Web development languages (HTML, CSS, JS)...

Hi, I feel the same way, there are so many great stuffs out there that you don't know what to learn and where to start.


Exactly. I do have in mind a few projects that I really want to pursue but that would be the end goal of all things. Being a computer science grad, it's hard when you want to pursue the things you want to do and to find a career that you can really enjoy. Usually those two things rarely align but doesn't I'll stop pursuing my dream projects. I love coding. It just takes time for me really learn what the languages that I'm relearning are powerful for which is the idea I never pursued during my studies. Now getting involved with online communities (like you guys on Dev.to) makes it easier to have a - not an exact start - direction to where I should be heading towards to. Hope that we all can work together with a passion project we can all share!

The #codenewbie community is what made me get as far as I did with python. Its SUUUPER confusing (at least it was for me) trying to figure out what you don't know and where to start. This community seems rad, I'm glad I found this, hope you are finding it helpful too!

I've heard of codenewbie since I saw it on edX CS50. I've never listened to it but I'll give it a try. Most of the time it's always the pages on github explore that got me thinking what can I do to help people and if I can make something fun and interesting. And yeah, happy to be here!

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