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re: Absolutely obligatory XKCD I think there is a certain lucidity that alcohol can offer, putting you in a good state to work fast and have fun whi...

Thank you for the comment, Ben!

Absolutely obligatory XKCD

I did not know about the concept of Ballmer Peak! Thank you for sharing. Really interesting.

I think you'd lose any positive effects if you did it too often

I found an interesting article (ja) about Ballmer Peak. In the article, he compared his programming performance by solving programming tests between in sober and Ballmer Peak state. The conclusion is that not only there is almost no difference in his performance, but also he took a mistake in Ballmer Peak state.

I will continue to use alcohol to concentrate on working to some extent, but not rely on heavily alcohol following your recommendation. Instead, I will try to use alternative (like clubbing music) to concentrate. Thanks!


Yes I think music is the healthier method in the long run.

Yeah definitely!

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