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Discussion on: How to REALLY set up a React Native environment on Mac

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Adam Hinckley

Pardon me for being a little naive, but what exactly do I need to do with these two lines?

terminal: source $HOME/.bash_profile

Confirm sdk location with echo $PATH

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Rob Sherling Author

Ah, not a problem. So, in your terminal (command line prompt):

source $HOME/.bash_profile
is the same as writing
cd ~ && source .bash_profile

What it means is, "run the command source on the file '.bash_profile' in our home directory, which will update our current terminal to use the new code that we wrote there".

Basically, bash terminal reads this file every time it starts a new process (open a new tab/window). In order to use the newly appended path variables, we would need to restart the terminal so it rereads the file. The above command lets us reread the file without restarting terminal.

If that doesn't make sense, please let me know.

"Confirm sdk location with echo $PATH"

Means, in terminal, run
echo $PATH

and look at the output. If correct, the SDK that we added in the previous step should be in there somewhere.