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re: Do you think that to really use the full power of javascript and understand it so well, it is better to understand the browser? And if so, what boo...

A good understanding of browser fundamentals and an innate curiosity to learn more never hurt :) That said, I would focus on learning by doing. Write code, build apps, make mistakes and learn from them. Building up your knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, the DOM and eventually how browsers work is valuable. is a read that is out of date but still covers a lot of the core ideas of how browsers work. The front-end handbook over at attempts to give link out to a few learning resources for diving deeper into each area you may eventually require some expertise in.

On the books front, I tend to be partial to Eloquent JavaScript (a third edition just came out), Effective JavaScript by Dave Herman and any of the ES2015 books by Axel Rauschmayer or Nicholas Zakas.

Thanks Addy! My next question would be, if you were to build an enterprise app like facebook today with angular what would be your road-map plan (any pointers, ie book) and do you think using angular and say firebase is recommended?

Can you please point out some books or links that point to modern application architectural designs

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