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My name is Adora and I'm a full stack web developer and google associate android developer. I work in a digital agency called Neukleos and I also work remotely for 3gis (a software company).

I recently started this thing where I give back to the tech community and it has been feeling so good.

You can check my website to know more about me, My blog to read my tech articles or my github to use my shared codes or plugins.

I put up a javascript-fundamentals repository ( yesterday for people that are starting out with javascript and would like to learn the core before taking on any framework. I plan to update the repo everyday till the year runs out. If you have any specific you might want me to write code snippets on, please reach out to me. I'd be more than happy to.


Hey, I checked your website and i sent you a mail. I would like to learn some a few codes in Javascript. I don know if am allowed to post my question directly here?

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