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I guess I'm most proud of something non-career related.

Since childhood, I've had a terrible posture and it only got worse throughout college and when I started working. I've had scoliosis and kyphosis, and I was a year or two away from needing surgery to fix it.

My girlfriend motivated me to get a personal trainer specialized in posture, and after 7 months of regular exercises and progress tracking, I'm almost finished in fixing my posture. Exercises were simple and very effective and I didn't need to buy anything to perform them. And I also could do them at home. Each month I would get a new set of exercises targeting different areas of the body that were needed to correct the posture.

So I also want to encourage anyone else that has issues with posture to seek help and try to fix it before it gets worse. Posture exercises are great and you'll feel much better after a month or two of regular exercises.

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