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It's hard to get started in development. As with all things, it takes time and practice.

What's unique about development is that if you take the wrong approach, you'll find yourself pouring so much work into it with barely visible results.

Here are things that you can do to keep yourself motivated while still under the learning curve:

  1. Build things you care about, even if they are small things. Completely finishing a project gives you a boost of dopamine due to proven efficacy. Make it something that you care about so you will be determined to finish it.

  2. Don't browse dev.to or Twitter too much. In these communities you will find a lot of stories of success. And while it's good for inspiration, it's easy to start comparing yourself to the success of others. Remember: 99% of posts here are about successes. However, failure always happens in the background. You need to fail a lot to learn to be successful. So fail! But remember that it's okay.

  3. Take a break. Remind yourself why you're doing this. Sometimes what we all need is a few moments of reflection to remind ourselves why we started programming in the first place.

It's a tough job, but you got this, man.


Thanks man, it is really helpful. I will practice with dedication. To be among the group of elite developers moves me.


Looking forward to your work!!

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