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How to build confidence in coding any programming language?

I have started to take on the tutorial on Udemy to understand the basics of web development and today I am finding that it is very easy. But, it was not like this always, around 8 months ago, when I wanted to learn how to code and be good at it.

I started to code along with my job. I wanted to switch my career from a support engineer to a developer. I was unable to keep up my motivation and left to code. The feeling to implement the concepts that I learned was terrifying. I thought giving interviews will help as I was caring about me earning money instead of giving value to the company. To get through interviews I focused on interview questions instead of learning to code. I failed many interviews. I did not give up, tried hard. Prepared for all the interview questions that I found on the internet. Somehow, I cracked an interview and got a job.

My motivation to code also disappeared with me getting a job, coz my motivation was to earn, but it was not the right way to approach mine wants to earn. I had to struggle a lot in my career due to this. Due to a lack of passion and fear to complete on deadlines I was not able to meet up with the expectations. This was impacting on my self-image. But the reason I was struggling was that I wanted to perform in a field where I have not understood the concepts beforehand and practiced applications of the concepts.

On further self-introspection, I found that I did not have a learning attitude due to which I am unable to sit for learning to code and implement what I learned. I was under the influence of developers on twitter who always said to code which was the only way to be good at it. I decided to dedicate some time to it every day. I failed abruptly when I implemented it, it felt like my mind used to get a freeze in 15 minutes of study. But, that was my target I used to sit there although I didn't like it. To study for 1 hour a day, even if it means to stare at the computer screen in the name of the study.

Slowly I started to study some days and take a gap of 4 to 5 days because I felt depressed. I was learning in my first project and due to poor performance, they didn't want me. I was thrown to another project.

Now I have had the experience of being in touch with code for 3 months and some coding experience. This project was a little chill and I found time for myself where I dedicated time for me to study. I took up this web developer course, I never completed my basics. I also implement what I study, it helps in cementing the concepts.

Its been about 8 months now. I have not become some expert in 8 months, but I have changed my attitude, I ask for help, I know how to prioritize things, coding doesn't look like a nightmare now and I have learned to discipline myself.

I can see I am growing at a very good speed. I hope to grow at a high-speed rate like a fire in the forest. I am working with all my heart and being connected to the developer community and twitter community that fills my heart with motivation.

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Adrian Perea • Edited

It's hard to get started in development. As with all things, it takes time and practice.

What's unique about development is that if you take the wrong approach, you'll find yourself pouring so much work into it with barely visible results.

Here are things that you can do to keep yourself motivated while still under the learning curve:

  1. Build things you care about, even if they are small things. Completely finishing a project gives you a boost of dopamine due to proven efficacy. Make it something that you care about so you will be determined to finish it.

  2. Don't browse or Twitter too much. In these communities you will find a lot of stories of success. And while it's good for inspiration, it's easy to start comparing yourself to the success of others. Remember: 99% of posts here are about successes. However, failure always happens in the background. You need to fail a lot to learn to be successful. So fail! But remember that it's okay.

  3. Take a break. Remind yourself why you're doing this. Sometimes what we all need is a few moments of reflection to remind ourselves why we started programming in the first place.

It's a tough job, but you got this, man.

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Thanks man, it is really helpful. I will practice with dedication. To be among the group of elite developers moves me.

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Adrian Perea

Looking forward to your work!!