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Deno React | Using Create React App with Deno

You can combine react and deno together by using create react app to build an application and serve up the static files via deno. This is exactly what we do in this tutorial where we use the deno ABC library to connect CRA to deno, as well as add an API get request which could be later added as part of the app.

Youtube: Deno React

Tutorial includes:

  • Installing and building CRA
  • Setting up Deno with ABC library
  • Creating static files for serving the CRA build
  • Creating an API endpoint


Deno Abc:

Create React App:

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Top comments (4)

kelvinmai profile image
Kelvin Mai

Misleading title, this tutorial is just about serving static files with deno, not necessarily about react.

adriantwarog profile image
Adrian Twarog

I have another with what you might be after :)

tracker1 profile image
Michael J. Ryan

Can't speak to Kelvin's desires.. but I was looking to BUILD a React application using Deno... as opposed to Node + esbuild/webpack/etc, which are what create-react-app make. I did find a deno-create-react-app tool that seems to suit the purpose very well...

ije profile image

nice tutorial!! maybe you can try Aleph.js, a react framework in deno, like nextjs.