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re: Well, that's quite subjective. A lot of games are supported officially and many more work just fine although not whitelisted. So it's at least as v...

Very few games are supported officially (less than 1% of steam games). I only tried proton for one game (Age of Empires 3 - not whitelisted) which didn't work out of the box. I still think proton needs some work.

It's pretty obvious that not everything runs excellent and it's not that uncommon to find a non-working game. Consult before buying/trying a game. Proton still expands the available games for Linux by a huge margin and it's only going to grow. My point is that mentioning Wine (which is not that easy to install/maintain) while not talking about Proton (which is already available on Steam and it's the most popular storefront for Linux) is kinda not fair.

I never suggested to use Wine directly. I recommended Lutris and mentioned PlayOnLinux instead of proton because proton is still immature.

You mention protondb - it has been discussed on several occasions that the website's ratings are not accurate.

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