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All above comments are great. My advice is the same! Do not wait and ask for it right away.

Your post implies that you are not being greedy or asking for something you do not deserve. So just go for it!

I remember a couple years ago I was in the same boat, and it was extremely nerve-wrecking but I am so glad I did it! And I am sure you will be as well!

I wrote a post about my experience here:

If your company truely values you, they would invest in you! Period. Complements are free and abundant, cash isn’t.

You should ask and you should not take answers like “budget” or “bad timing” or “later” or a “structured raise”. Companies always have money for these kind of situations and they should invest in you if they want you to stick around.

Lastly, and needless to say, be respectful and approach your manager in a non-threatening way. Be very clear about what you’re asking for. Have a set specific number and if they counter, stand your ground or ask for time to think about it. You don’t have to say yes on the spot.

All the best and hopefully you get it!!

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