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tic-tac-toe game using javascript,html,css

plan to build the tic-tac-toe game


before we actually jump into building the application we need to break the big task into subtasks. The frontend of the application is very important to give an impression and to intrigue the user to give the application a try.i have attempted to make the frontend of the application simple yet after deciding on the layout of the application i divided the home page into several boxes. the "wrapper" is what i called the box consisiting of the entire page.Next, the wrapper can be divided into left and right subparts after which each subparts can be subdidvided according to their approaching a problem with divide and conquer approach we can concentrate better in developing the details of the application.The styling of the page is done with css and the logic of the game is built with javascript.

find the source code here!!

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πŸ‘πŸ‘Front end looks simple and amazing!!

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thank you