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Discussion on: Linux Vs Windows - Why Linux Is Better For Programming & Web Dev (A newbie experience)

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Ajeet Author

Hi Mark,
Thank you for your comment :)

For people (like you and me) who have been using Windows, and never exposed to Linux, they might find the OS frustrating. Last year, I wanted to learn Clojure programming language, and the Windows support for this language is not so good. I uninstalled Windows and installed Ubuntu last year on my Dell's laptop.
I googled several command lines on how to use Ubuntu effectively, noted them down, and even started using Ubuntu. But the problem started when I had to use Excel. I used google sheet for some hours and it was a frustrating experience, as it was slow. I used Open Office as well but several features of Excel were missing. So, I uninstalled Ubuntu, and installed Windows.

I think the "downside" depends on case to case basis, as you also said in the comment "this might be a good thing to some people and impossible for others."

For us, Excel is very important, and since we use it on day to day basis, we cannot afford to waste time. But at the same time, I have seen several developers hardly use Excel, and thus, their experience is not as bad as we have had.

If you have been using Linux for a long time, you would hardly find any downside.

But yes, agree to you mostly. I will keep that in my mind :)

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Mark Davies

Yeah - apolagies if I came off a little strong, I didn't intend it, best piece of advice I can give is try not to make sweeping statements because some people (like myself) can misintepret the information in the article, try approaching it from different angles.

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Ajeet Author

No need please. I am pretty much new to coding world. Still learning. Comments and feedback will help me improve my tech-writing skills :)