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You can't spend all the time in Stack Overflow, people who have 100K + rep are the oldest members of Stack Overflow, the ones who answered pretty simple syntax errors back in history where Google wouldn't automatically show an answer from Stack Overflow. Today all simple syntax error questions are already answered and they have been upvoted 100s of times.

Early adapters always gain the large reputation. And Stack Overflow is an established community, with new questions being too specific and too laborious to answer, I haven't even answered single question in last one year. I have gained 30K+ rep but I haven't answered anything important in last 5 years, my oldest answers keep on increasing my reputation.

Its like stock exchange, you have to invest your energy (time/money) in something that will grow over time, anything that is already grown has costly share price. People who invested in Google when no body knew it, are billionaires now.

This is the reason I came to as it is relatively new, investing time in will be more sensible now than on to Stack Overflow.


I'm one of the very oldest members of StackOverflow and have just 7K of rep. But yeah I didn't spend my time (at work?) answering other people's simple syntax errors, but if anything, asking my own questions. And a couple of those in particular keeps gaining reputation as the years roll on.


If you answer merely a question or two a day consistently you’ll eventually accumulate a fair amount of reputation. In the course of answering you’re going to end up creating an answer or two that becomes anomalously popular and that will pay “dividends” over time. has a very different tone, and I really like it here, but Stack Overflow has its place. If you can express your problem in terms of code, if you don’t frustrate people by being ambiguous or vague when you should be specific, you can get quick, detailed answers to tricky questions.

I’ve been trying to steer people here for opinion-based questions, especially the “what should I learn next” variety, with varying degrees of success. Stack Overflow really needs more automatically suggested alternatives when closing a question for being off-topic.

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