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Discussion on: Crowdsourcing a portrait of an ideal manager

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Antanas Končius

wow, where to start... :)

I think good manager should have these traits: good communication skills, embrace trust in team, give autonomy to subordinates, and have a strategic thinking.

Good communication skills is neccessary to clearly express expectations and vision. It's not about quantity how much manager is speaking, but quality. Sounds obvious, but in practice it's not that common to have manager which is able to express thoughs as clearly as possible. Also it's important to be able to listen to teammates, especially when subordinates try to explain some issues or obstacles.

Trust is also key - manager should be goal-setter, not micromanager and controlling each move.

Autonomy is related to trust, but I thought to have as a separate point here. Ideally it should be that manager has great team of people which are skilled and experienced enough to make right decisions in given situation, then project goes faster and smoother. Otherwise, manager makes all decisions and there is a big risk to become a bottleneck of project which can cause delays and other issues.

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Elena Author

Thank you for sharing, Antanas!