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re: Yikes! This is exactly why we tell people not to make light of death commands. :P You make that mistake once, and never again!

Such a benign version, but I still remember how super upset I was as a kid and someone told me alt+f4 would refresh the page or something.

"there's this really cool Gameboy cheat code for Tetris, if you press 'Select, Start, B, and A' all at the same time" is a really cool/cruel joke kids of the early 90s would tell each other ...

more related to your benign example (and even more benign): when i was first really tinkering with Linux back in like 2001/2002, i couldn't figure out how to get out of this program i was using (you'd think it would be Vi, but it was probably just a Man page) and a co-worker suggested Alt-F4-- while that did technically get me unstuck from my issue, it took me another day or so to figure out what i'd actually done

Let me guess - erases scores?

On IRC it'd be "use /quit bugging me " to ignore someone.

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