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re: In my opinion: 1 - Mark zuckerberg 2 - Notch 3 - Linus Torvalds Mark: because he's forsure the most known developer for making facebook. Notch: b...

I, uh, didn't know Mark Zuckerberg was a developer.


Then how did he make facebook...

Writing application like this:

can be taught right after you handle "Hello world" :D

One interesting anecdote I recall is hearing that Zuck himself was writing code for Facebook's first attempt at a Snapchat clone (I think it was called Poke).

I don't think his job typically involves any code, but sometimes duty calls.

I also get the idea from other little things I've heard him say that he probably continues to write code for personal hobby projects and messing around with stuff like the Oculous developer platform as they try to get into VR and other areas.

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