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re: dev.to was vanilla JS on the frontend for most of its history until recently and still doesn't use a "framework" per se, but we do now use Preact f...

The project I am on right now is currently all vanilla JS for the front end. Which is really nice in its own way for a lot of things -- and there is a chunk of it that has a decent amount of UI, which is growing, and holy shit I forgot what a big pain in the ass it is to do that kind of thing involving stateful UI stuff in pure JS without something like React. I think frameworks are often jumped to too soon or relied on too much -- ie, very few things can or should be done purely in React as all one big thing, IMHO -- but hoooo boy.


Stimulus is a project in the Rails community which is an attempt to meet in the same middle. I buy it as a pretty decent option in a lot of conventional cases, but haven’t given it a spin yet.

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