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Agreed! I try to editor hop at least sort of regularly, and while I have settled into an IntelliJ groove of all things of late -- my preference when using any IDE is to disable as many of the tools it carries as I can.
I usually:

  • turn off all the git and version control tools I can find in the IDE at a minimum -- I allow it to note changes, ie "Hey this has been modified since a commit", but disable everything else git-related, ESPECIALLY keyboard shortcuts. Usually this doesn't affect whatever the built-in diff tool is, which I do like for conflicts.
  • turn off all the fancy IntelliSense stuff/autocomplete stuff that isn't "start enumerating the strings that start with what I've typed so far as I tab through them" -- anything that isn't purely triggerable ends up being WAY too distracting
  • I almost always prefer keeping my own running list of errors to a linter

Same, plugins and feature bloat might be the bane of my existence. Was starting to feel alone in that regard ><

That said, in regards to the jetbrains tools, specifically the inline git annotate feature can actually be much more useful for single file analysis than git blame ctx | grep. Everything else though (especially the "do you want to add this file to git?" dialog) can all end up on the bonfire.

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