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For those of you who have more than one instance of chrome running on your Android and ./adb forward tcp:9222 localabstract:chrome_devtools_remote shows you the wrong one, you may need to find the process of the other instance like this:
First I disabled the undesired chrome app (the one of my work profile, in my case), then,
adb shell "cat /proc/net/unix" (I wasn't able to grep that, because it's binary or something like that, I had to copy the output into a text editor and find "chrome_devtools_remote") in order to find the instance that was named: localabstract:chrome_devtools_remote_31723 in my case.
./adb forward tcp:9222 localabstract:chrome_devtools_remote_31723 worked like a charm.

Thanks for this awesome trick!


Awsome! Thanks for the tip, I will update the post with it.

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