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While it's very nice to have a basic understanding of all the things above, you don't need to be an expert in all of them.

It depends on the businesses you are working for and what are the skills they need to solve their problems.

For example: You won't add much value to a company that builds Web Applications if you have deep knowledge of compilers and all of the above. You will need specialized knowledge of how the Web works and you might need to know a Web framework.


True, but this post is about software engineers, not web developers, most of the stuff on this post don't apply for web development, unless you work with performance and math/science-related stuff.


Yeah I definitely agree with this. I think that compiler design isn't a must know for all software engineers. For most jobs, I would argue that software architecture is more applicable than compiler design.


Architecture skills, soft skills, learning to explain complex things in a simple way to stackeholders, those will make a big difference IMHO.

Yes. Big ups on the explaining complex things to stakeholders. Without that, the whole development process falls apart. Great communication will definitely make you stand out from other engineers.

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