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Top 15 JavaScript Videos with Timelines

1. Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners

6,050,991 views • 118,676 likes


Introduction (1m 24s)
Running JavaScript (2m 59s)
Comment Your Code (1m 33s)
Data Types and Variables (5m 35s)
Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator (27s)
Uninitialized Variables (42s)
Case Sensitivity in Variables (1m 25s)


Add Two Numbers (29s)
Subtract One Number from Another (18s)
Multiply Two Numbers (20s)
Dividing Numbers (18s)
Increment (28s)
Decrement (24s)
Decimal Numbers (26s)
Multiply Two Decimals (30s)
Divide Decimals (15s)
Finding a Remainder (49s)
Augmented Addition (1m 1s)
Augmented Subtraction (56s)
Augmented Multiplication (33s)
Augmented Division (28s)


Declare String Variables (42s)
Escaping Literal Quotes (1m 43s)
Quoting Strings with Single Quotes (1m 34s)
Escape Sequences (1m 28s)
Concatenating String with Plus Operator (1m 3s)
Plus Equals Operator (1m 12s)
Constructing Strings with Variables (1m 13s)
Appending Variables to Strings (57s)
Length of a String (50s)
Bracket Notation (1m 26s)
String Immutability (56s)
Find the Nth Character (28s)
Find the Last Character (57s)
Find the Nth-to-Last Character (40s)
Word Blanks (4m 16s)
Template Literals (4m 4s)


Arrays (59s)
Nest Arrays (50s)
Access Array Data (1m 1s)
Modify Array Data (1m 14s)
Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays (1m 42s)
push() (59s)
pop() (1m 4s)
shift() (50s)
unshift() (1m 13s)
Shopping List (1m 5s)


Write Reusable with Functions (2m 1s)
Arguments (2m 2s)
Global Scope (3m 48s)
Local Scope (1m 15s)
Global vs Local Scope in Functions (1m 54s)
Return a Value from a Function (1m 15s)
Undefined Value returned (57s)
Assignment with a Returned Value (1m 1s)
Stand in Line (2m 49s)
Boolean Values (43s)
Returning Boolean Values from Functions (1m 9s)
Return Early Pattern for Functions (1m 18s)
Counting Cards (5m 33s)


Equality Operator (1m 27s)
Strict Equality Operator (1m 25s)
Comparing different values (55s)
Inequality Operator (42s)
Strict Inequality Operator (45s)
Greater Than Operator (34s)
Greater Than Or Equal To Operator (30s)
Less Than Operator (35s)
Less Than Or Equal To Operator (33s)
And Operator (1m 24s)
Or Operator (56s)


If Statements (2m 27s)
Else Statements (50s)
Else If Statements (1m 3s)
Logical Order in If Else Statements (1m 15s)
Chaining If Else Statements (3m 1s)
Golf Code (4m 30s)
Switch Statements (3m 31s)
Default Option in Switch Statements (1m 37s)
Identical Options in Switch Statements (1m 57s)
Replacing If Else Chains with Switch (1m 51s)


Build Objects (1m 35s)
Accessing Object Properties with Dot Notation (47s)
Accessing Object Properties with Bracket Notation (1m 14s)
Accessing Object Properties with Variables (47s)
Updating Object Properties (56s)
Add New Properties to Object (49s)
Delete Properties from Object (35s)
Objects for Lookups (1m 49s)
Testing Objects for Properties (1m 32s)
Manipulating Complex Objects (1m 45s)
Nested Objects (53s)
Nested Arrays (1m 13s)
Record Collection (7m 9s)
Prevent Object Mutation (2m 25s)
Simple Fields (1m 41s)
Declarative Functions (32s)


Use class Syntax to Define a Constructor Function (2m 15s)
getters and setters (5m 14s)


While Loops (1m 20s)
For Loops (2m 21s)
Odd Numbers With a For Loop (1m 32s)
Count Backwards With a For Loop (1m 40s)
Iterate Through an Array with a For Loop (2m 35s)
Nesting For Loops (3m 2s)
Do...While Loops (1m 27s)
Profile Lookup (4m 6s)


Random Fractions (36s)
Random Whole Numbers (1m 27s)
Random Whole Numbers within a Range (1m 25s)


parseInt Function (50s)
parseInt Function with a Radix (53s)

Ternary Operator

Ternary Operator (1m 28s)
Multiple Ternary Operators (2m 1s)

var vs let

var vs let (2m 5s)
var vs let scopes (2m 30s)


const Keyword (2m 8s)
Mutate an Array Declared with const (1m 12s)

Arrow Functions

Arrow Functions (1m 6s)
Arrow Functions with Parameters (1m 4s)

Higher Order

Higher Order Arrow Functions (3m 37s)
Higher Order Default Parameters (56s)

Rest/Spread Operators

Rest Operator (1m 31s)
Spread Operator (1m 47s)

Destructuring Assignment

Destructuring Assignment: Objects (3m 1s)
Destructuring Assignment: Nested Objects (1m 37s)
Destructuring Assignment: Arrays (1m 45s)
Destructuring Assignment with Rest Operator to Reassign Array (1m 25s)
Destructuring Assignment to Pass an Object (1m 34s)

import / export

import vs require (2m 8s)
export (1m 7s)
* to Import (1m 10s)
export default (36s)
Import a Default Export (50s)

2. JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners: Learn JavaScript in 1 Hour

4,688,241 views • 81,950 likes

What is JavaScript (4m 41s)
Setting Up the Development Environment (3m 11s)
JavaScript in Browsers (3m 49s)
Separation of Concerns (2m 6s)
JavaScript in Node (2m 24s)
Variables (5m 38s)
Constants (1m 46s)
Primitive Types (3m 12s)
Dynamic Typing (3m 19s)
Objects (5m 16s)
Arrays (4m 19s)
Functions (4m 41s)
Types of Functions (3m 54s)

3. Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners

534,045 views • 12,602 likes

Stacks (8m 42s)
Sets (10m 21s)
Queues & Priority Queues (6m 39s)
Binary Search Tree (13m 31s)
Binary Search Tree: Traversal & Height (13m 45s)
Hash Tables (9m 45s)
Linked List (11m 55s)
Trie (12m 30s)
Heap (max and min) (14m 38s)
Graphs: adjacency list, adjacency matrix, incidence matrix (4m 38s)
Graphs: breadth-first search (6m 9s)

4. Redux Tutorial - Learn Redux from Scratch

386,940 views • 10,528 likes

Introduction (1m 2s)
What is Redux? (2m 18s)
Pros and Cons of Redux (5m 29s)
Is Redux for You? (2m 29s)
Setting Up the Development Environment (1m 49s)
Course Structure (2m 25s)
Function Programming (27s)
What is Functional Programming? (1m 26s)
Functions as First-Class Citizens (3m 8s)
Higher-order Functions (1m 33s)
Functional Composition (3m 39s)
Composing and Piping (2m 23s)
Currying (6m 9s)
Pure Functions (2m 51s)
Immutability (4m 14s)
Updating Objects (4m 34s)
Updating Arrays (3m 55s)
Enforcing Immutability (1m 5s)
Immutable.js (3m 40s)
Immer (2m 54s)
Redux Intro (25s)
Redux Architecture (5m 3s)
Your First Redux Application (1m 45s)
Designing the Store (1m 27s)
Defining the Actions (3m 27s)
Creating a Reducer (6m 13s)
Creating the Store (1m 26s)
Dispatching Actions (2m 46s)
Subscribing to the Store (2m 8s)
Action Types (3m 53s)
Action Creators (2m 58s)
Exercise (17s)
Solution (5m 34s)

5. JavaScript Higher Order Functions & Arrays

581,307 views • 18,493 likes

Intro (3m 20s)
ForEach() (2m 1s)
Filter() (10m 19s)
Map() (5m 24s)
Sort() (4m 45s)
Reduce() (5m 5s)
Extra (2m 35s)

6. Object-oriented Programming in JavaScript: Made Super Simple | Mosh

946,391 views • 20,701 likes

What is OOP? (1m 46s)
Four Pillars of OOP (7m 4s)
Setting Up the Development Environment (2m 17s)
Objects (46s)
Object Literals (3m 5s)
Factories (2m 52s)
Constructors (5m 37s)
Constructor Property (2m 26s)
Functions are Objects (5m 16s)
Value vs Reference Types (5m 51s)
Adding or Removing Properties (3m 54s)
Enumerating Properties (2m 51s)
Abstraction (4m 3s)
Private Properties and Methods (4m 7s)
Getters and Setters (5m 37s)
Exercise (2m 10s)
Solution (3m 6s)

7. Learn JavaScript by Building 7 Games

380,987 views • 12,601 likes

Intro (1m 55s)
Memory Game - Level 1 (9m 40s)
Whack-a-mole - level 1 (8m 4s)
Connect Four - level 1 (7m 45s)
Nokia 3310 Snake - level 2 (15m 27s)
Space Invaders - level 2 (36m 22s)
Tetris - level 3 (29m 27s)

8. 10 JavaScript Projects in 10 Hours - Coding Challenge

744,203 views • 30,682 likes

Intro (1m 12s)
Countdown Timer (31m 3s)
Quiz App (51m 5s)
Recipe App (1h 56m 37s)
Notes App (50m 38s)
ToDo App (35m 39s)
Movies App (53m 41s)
GitHub Profiles (53m 35s)
Drawing App (46m 10s)
Password Generator (50m 25s)
Weather App (1h 7m 3s)

9. Build 15 JavaScript Projects - Vanilla JavaScript Course

605,400 views • 19,254 likes

Intro (7m 1s)
Color Flipper (23m 24s)
Counter (13m 39s)
Reviews (27m 25s)
Navbar (14m 52s)
Sidebar (12m 42s)
Modal (9m 23s)
Questions (27m 59s)
Menu (59m 48s)
Video (16m 32s)
Scroll (1h 3m 30s)
Tabs (22m 38s)
Countdown (57m 42s)
Lorem Ipsum (21m 48s)
Grocery (1h 42m 51s)
Slider (22m 42s)

10. 12HR+ YouTube Coding Bootcamp 2021!

250,238 views • 12,223 likes


Introduction (3m 34s)
Code Editors (2m 31s)


HTML Introduction (2m 17s)
HTML Boilerplate setup (2m 33s)
HTML Elements (6m 58s)
Online Portfolio Project (2m 12s)


Check-in (57s)
CSS Introduction (2m 35s)
File set up (4m 5s)
Class names and Id's (3m 6s)
Pop Quiz (7m 4s)
Box Model (2m 4s)
Colours (4m 16s)
Unordered and Ordered Lists (5m 21s)
Images (4m 49s)
Styling classes as id's (2m 45s)
The Data property (1m 53s)
Flexbox (2m 45s)
Pop Quiz (1m 56s)
Flexbox website layout (6m 2s)
Commenting out Code (3m 54s)
Gradients in CSS (2m 16s)
Box Shadows in CSS (1m 25s)
Button Styling in CSS (8m 33s)
Fonts (3m 34s)
Generic Website Layout (5m 3s)
making a NavBar (12m 26s)
Anchor Links (3m 23s)
Creating Sections (23m 33s)
Forms in CSS and HTML (13m 5s)
Font Awesome (5m 17s)
Break points (6m 23s)
Z-index (10m 49s)


Check-in (1m 43s)
Introduction to JavaScript (1m 5s)
JavaScript file setup (6m 27s)
Variables (17m 36s)
Control Flow (25s)
If Statements (9m 29s)
Operators (29m 30s)
Fizz Buzz Exercise (5m 20s)
for loops (6m 59s)
Arrays (6m 44s)
Objects (10m 8s)
Functions (13m 1s)
A Progress Exercise (10m 29s)
Arrow Functions (4m 1s)
While loop (3m 2s)
Built-in-Objects Introduction (39s)
length() (5m 27s)
concat() (5m 12s)
join() (5m 25s)
pop() (6m 40s)
shift() (3m 27s)
unshift() (3m 19s)
push() (10m 19s)
splice() (5m 56s)
forEach() (8m 38s)
some() (9m 24s)
map() (7m 30s)
filter() (9m 47s)
reduce() (5m 21s)
every() (5m 58s)
split() (6m 1s)
Array work - Exercises to practise (43m 41s)
addEventListener() (8m 3s)
removeEventListener() (7m 48s)
querySelector() (6m 2s)
Check-in and Project suggestion (52s)
Math.random() (12m 17s)
Let's make a Responsive Burger NavBar (17m 4s)
Date (9m 17s)
setTimeout() (9m 31s)
setInterval() (15m 11s)
Classes in JavaScript (8m 5s)
Check-in and Project suggestion (42s)
Keys (8m 48s)
switch case (21m 5s)
sort() (2m 1s)
Introduction to Algorithms (24s)
includes() (2m 18s)
contains() (2m 18s)
createElement() (8m 30s)
Check-in and Project Introduction (48m 45s)
Check-in and Project suggestions (1m 9s)
Introduction to HTTP (8m 39s)
fetch(). GET POST PUT DELETE (30m 29s)
Check-in and video suggestion (29s)
Storing Projects on GitHub (8m 5s)
Where to go next (5m 46s)

11. JavaScript Pro Tips - Code This, NOT That

1,681,238 views • 78,111 likes

Intro (51s)
Debugging with console.log (1m 48s)
Destructuring (1m 20s)
Template literals (2m 8s)
Spread syntax (2m 12s)
Loops (1m 59s)
async/await (2m 18s)

12. Async JS Crash Course - Callbacks, Promises, Async Await

771,965 views • 21,236 likes

Pre-callback (6m 20s)
Actual callback (1m 25s)
Promise (3m 55s)
Promise.all (3m 1s)
Fetch() (1m 35s)
Async/Await (1m 20s)
Async with Fetch() (1m 40s)

13. ES6 Tutorial: Learn Modern JavaScript in 1 Hour

433,798 views • 10,765 likes

Let vs Var vs Const (3m 54s)
Objects (2m 47s)
The this Keyword (2m 51s)
Binding this (2m 38s)
Arrow Functions (4m 17s)
Arrow Functions and this (4m 17s) Method (3m 37s)
Object Destructuring (2m 31s)
Spread Operator (4m 4s)
Classes (3m 47s)
Inheritance (4m 5s)
Modules (4m 12s)
Named and Default Exports (5m 19s)

14. TypeScript Course for Beginners 2021 - Learn TypeScript from Scratch!

742,660 views • 15,747 likes

Getting Started (1m 57s)
What is TypeScript (4m 34s)
Installing & Using TypeScript (13m 22s)
The Advantages of TypeScript (3m 6s)
Course Outline (4m 17s)
How to Get the Most out of This Course (3m 13s)
Setting Up our Development Environment (3m 7s)
The Course Project Setup (7m 20s)
Module Introduction (27s)
Using Types (10m 20s)
TypeScript Types vs JavaScript Types (4m 54s)
Numbers, Strings and Booleans (5m 43s)
Type Assignment and Type Inference (5m 39s)
Object Types (7m 32s)
Array Types (5m 30s)
Tuples (6m 20s)
Enums (7m 5s)
The Any Type (2m 4s)
Union Types (6m 31s)
Literal Types (7m 54s)
Type Aliases (3m 1s)
Function Return Types and Void (7m 26s)
Function Types (5m 34s)
Function Types and Callbacks (4m 23s)
The Unknown Type (3m 44s)
The Never Type (4m 10s)
Wrap Up (1m 52s)
Module Introduction (46s)
Watch Node (2m 5s)
Compiling the Entire Project (3m 47s)
Include and Exclude Files (6m 13s)
Setting a Compilation Target (4m 4s)
Understanding TypeScript Libs (5m 32s)
More Options (1m 41s)
Source Maps (2m 1s)
Rootdir and Outdir (5m 31s)
noemit on Error (2m 52s)
Strict Compilation Options (11m 4s)
Code Quality Options (4m 23s)
Debugging with Visual Studio Code (4m 20s)
Wrap Up (1m 17s)

15. Asynchronous JavaScript & EVENT LOOP from scratch

63,543 views • 4,993 likes

Introduction (40s)
How JS Engine Executes the Code using Call Stack (2m 45s)
Main Job of the Call Stack (26s)
How does JavaScript perform async tasks (45s)
Behind the Scenes in Browser (2m 59s)
Web APIs in JS (4m 28s)
How setTimeout Works behind the scenes in Browsers (4m 6s)
Event Loop & CallBack Queue in JS (2m 50s)
How Event Listeners Work in JS (4m 44s)
More about Event Loop (1m 19s)
Why do we need Event Loop (2m 27s)
How fetch() function works (2m 57s)
MicroTask Queue in JS (5m 35s)
What are MicroTasks in JS? (2m 34s)
Starvation of Functions in Callback Queue (1m 13s)
Teaser of the Next Video (1m 5s)
Thank you for watching Namaste JavaScript (51s)


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