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Alex de Sousa
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Yggdrasil as Distributed PubSub

Yggdrasil's default adapter supports multi-node subscriptions out-of-the-box thanks to Phoenix PubSub. This distributed capabilities can be extended to any adapter compatible with Yggdrasil v5.0 without writing a single line of extra code.

Spock is interested!

Before We Start

I've used this example project for the code in this article. You can skip this section safely as long as you remember the following:

  • Basic project has only Yggdrasil.
  • Rabbit project has Yggdrasil for RabbitMQ.
  • A RabbitMQ server is available.
  • The host name is called matrix. Your machine's will be different.

If you want to follow along with the examples in this article, you can download the example project using the following command:

git clone \
  --depth 2 \
  -b blog \ examples && \
cd examples && \
git filter-branch \
  --prune-empty \
  --subdirectory-filter examples/matrix HEAD

In the folder you'll find:

   $ cd rabbit && docker-compose up

Make it so

Basic Message Distribution

Yggdrasil's default adapter piggybacks on Phoenix PubSub for the message delivery, inheriting its distributed capabilities e.g. let's say we have the following:

  • The node :neo@matrix using Basic project:
   $ iex --sname neo -S mix
  • The node :smith@matrix also using Basic project:
   $ iex --sname smith -S mix
  • Both nodes are interconnected:
   iex(smith@matrix)1> Node.connect(:neo@matrix)

Then :smith@matrix can subscribe to any channel where :neo@matrix is publishing messages e.g:

In :smith@matrix, we subscribe to the channel "private":

iex(smith@matrix)2> Yggdrasil.subscribe(name: "private")
iex(smith@matrix)3> flush()
{:Y_CONNECTED, %Yggdrasil.Channel{...}}

In :neo@matrix, we publish a message in the channel "private":

iex(neo@matrix)1> channel = [name: "private"]
iex(neo@matrix)2> Yggdrasil.publish(channel, "What's the Matrix?")

Finally, we can flush :smith@matrix mailbox and find our message:

iex(smith@matrix)4> flush()
{:Y_EVENT, %Yggdrasil.Channel{...}, "What's the Matrix?"}

Distributed pubsub as simple as that.


Bridged Message Distribution

The bridge adapter makes a bridge between any Yggdrasil adapter and the default adapter. This allows adapters to inherit the distributed capabilities of the default adapter e.g. let's say we have the following:

  • The node :neo@matrix using Basic project:
   $ iex --sname neo -S mix
  • The node :trinity@matrix using Rabbit project:
   $ iex --sname trinity -S mix
  • The node :trinity@matrix has access to a RabbitMQ server.
  • Both nodes are interconnected:
   iex(trinity@matrix)1> Node.connect(:neo@matrix)

So our final infrastructure would look like the following:

Bridge adapter example

Through :trinity@matrix, the node :neo@matrix can now subscribe to
a RabbitMQ exchange:

iex(neo@matrix)1> channel = [name: {"amq.topic", "private"}, adapter: :rabbitmq]
iex(neo@matrix)2> Yggdrasil.subscribe(channel)
iex(neo@matrix)3> flush()
{:Y_CONNECTED, %Yggdrasil.Channel{...}}

Or even publish messages:

iex(neo@matrix)4> Yggdrasil.publish(channel, "What's the Matrix?")
iex(neo@matrix)3> flush()
{:Y_EVENT, %Yggdrasil.Channel{...}, "What's the Matrix?"}

The good thing about this feature is that it works with any adapter that supports Yggdrasil v5.0.

The future is now!


Yggdrasil bridge adapter allows you to convert any adapter in a distributed one by relying in Phoenix PubSub.


I hope you found this useful and happy coding!

Cover photo by Quino Al

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