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How to use your private Go lib in Github Actions

In this tutorial I'll use the fictional private repository called at the version v1.1.0

Backing story

During the Continuous integration pipeline executing go mod tidy I was getting this error:

go: reading at revision v1.1.0: unknown revision v1.1.0
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In order to understand how Go uses a VCS to handle dependencies I recommend this Go team blog post:


Generate a token with read permission on org or user repositories and setup a substitution in git global configurations.

That way the authenticated form will always be used.

I highly recommend you to use the repository secrets to avoid exposing sensible data, in this case, the token.

- name: Granting private modules access
        run: |
          git config --global url."https://${{ secrets.GO_MODULES_TOKEN }}".insteadOf ""     
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more on declaring and using secrets:

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Hey dude, thanks a lot you safe my life, nice article.

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Shiny • Edited

what kind of token is GO_MODULES_TOKEN

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Alex Rios

It could be any token that grants you the access. Eg.: