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Discussion on: Getting started with Tailwind and React: Implementing responsiveness.

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followed this installation step to configure tailwindcss in create-react-app. It works, but after adding tailwindcss/jit, app is not working. I think that it happens because create-react-app doesn't support PostCSS 8, but it seems that tailwindcss/jit requires PostCSS 8.

Any idea?

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Vaibhav Khulbe

That might be the case! I haven’t used it yet so can’t give you the information you need.

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Yogini Bende Author

Hey, I faced the same issue and Tailwind's documentation addresses this issue. Please check this link and follow the steps along. It solves the issue and you can run your project smoothly :)

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Juan Baltierrez

I was can solve the issue, unfortunately not available to run react-script with tailwind jit mode in the same script, but if you run react-scripts start and tailwind in jit mode in separated scripts, both running without issues.