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How to Become a WordPress Developer in 2022

Today we'll be learning, How To Become a WordPress Developer in 2021.

In this post, we are going to focus on the main fundamentals and core things. Let's get started!

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#Our Main Steps

1. Setting Goal

In this beginning step, we will be setting up our ultimate goal for learning. Without a goal, nothing can reach its destination.

2. What to Learn

There are so many ways, options to become a developer. More specifically, to become a WordPress Developer.
So we have to choose wisely, what to learn?

3. Where to Learn?

Too many resources are often a problem. Many of us couldn't find out, Where to Learn?

4. How to Learn?

Don't just watch or read, try implementing what you've learned already.
In this step, we'll discuss in detail, How to learn?

5. Career

Believe it or not, most of the good and skilled programmer earns a huge amount of money daily, monthly or yearly.
In this step, we will talk about love aka money. That's fun!

6. Big Plan

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”
― Dwight D.

This quote is saying more than a thousand words about planning something.
So In this step, we will talk about how to Plan BIG, Real BIG!

Now, I explained well and detailed the topics shown above. Let's dive in.

#Setting Goal

• Set Our Mission.

First, we'll learn Basic Web Design.
After learning basic Programming, we'll step into learning WordPress Development so that we can earn financial freedom.

• Set Our Vision.

After gaining financial freedom, we will Dream Big!
Then we will try to introduce ourselves to the next level of WordPress Development.

We can dominate the world through our skills and knowledge!

#What To Learn?

There are so many technologies ahead, so you have to go on one by one little by little.

Let's see what to learn:

1. HTML5.
2. CSS3.

— Flexbox.
— Grid.
— Advanced CSS.
— Complex Layout Building and many more.
— Learn Basic SASS.

3. Responsive Web Design.
4. Git & Github.
5. JavaScript Basic to Intermediate.
6. Basic Problem Solving with JavaScript.
7. jQuery and jQuery Plugins (Some must learn jQuery Plugins enlisted at the end of the post).
8. Basic to Advanced Bootstrap ( —
9. Basic WordPress.

— Understanding the Web Hosting, cPanel, WebMail, etc.
— Basic Fundamentals & Installation.
— Exploring the WordPress Dashboard and many more.

10. Free & Premium WordPress Themes Customizations
11. Play with Free & Premium WordPress Plugins to understand how they work.
12. Basic PHP Fundamentals.
13. Basic to Intermediate PHP Object Orianted Programming (OOP).
14. Basic WordPress Theme Development.
15. Basic to Advanced Laravel.
16. Advanced WordPress Theme Development.
17. Basic to Advanced WordPress Plugin Development.
18. WordPress Page Builder Widgets Development.
19. Skill Up Your Communicative English, Improve Spoken English. (Optional)
20. Basic to Advanced of Headless WordPress with WPGraphQl. (Thanks to @henrikwirth for mentioning this point)
21. Finally Try Your Luck on International Freelance Marketplaces (Fiverr, Upwork,, etc)

#Where to Learn?

Google, YouTube, and the entire Internet is our big companion in the long path of skill development.

Don't ask me to suggest some YouTube channel or any specific course, because it's your job to find the right resource for you!

A Good Programmer is also Good at Googling.

#How to Learn?

The best way to learn is to apply.

  • Learn The Fundamentals very DEEPLY.
  • Create Projects.
  • Just Create Projects.
  • Never Stop Creating Projects Until You’re Having a Good Understanding in Fundamentals.
  • Don’t Just Watch Videos and Videos. Try to Apply What You’ve Learned.
  • Read and Write Appropriate Articles.
  • Be Consistent, Never Give Up. Don’t be Greedy of Money!


So Finally, we’ve learned enough, we’ve gained enough, we’ve done enough. So now it’s time to think about the Money & Career.

Let’s see how you can apply yourself for building a good career with what you’ve learned.

Before applying yourself, just keep that in mind, Possibilities are Just Imaginations!

Real Job:

You can try to find a real job as a WordPress Developer.
The salary range might be between $200 to $3000 per month according to your skill, experience, and Location.


Love freedom and responsibilities?
Start working as a Freelancer. There’s no bound of the salary or earning range.


You can start your own business with WordPress Development skills. Here's a secret on my behalf,

"You can make your own digital products like WP Themes, WP Plugins, HTML Templates, CMS, PHP Scripts, etc, and sell them to your own website or any code/script selling world-class marketplaces like Envato, Codecanyon, etc."

Content Making:

You can start making content, based on your knowledge for your own Blog Websites or YouTube Channel.

Teaching or Mentoring:

Love to teach? You can start your mentoring or teaching career with what you’ve learned before!

You can work as a mentor of Web Development and WordPress Development at your local IT Institutions.
If you have enough capability, then make your own IT Institute and start spreading knowledge.

You can also make tutorial videos or teaching content for Udemy, Lynda, or any other online institution.

#Big Plan

Dream Big, Plan Big, Grow Big!!!

If you are dreaming of something big like you want to become a full-stack developer, then welcome!

For Front End Development, you can start learning ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, or whatever you feel comfortable to start with.

For Back End Development, besides working with PHP and Laravel, you can start learning NodeJS, if you’re good at JavaScript.

You can also start learning Python for advanced Machine learning or any other development processes.

Whatever you do, you have to dream really big and you have to give proper time, effort, and hard work.

Best of Luck to You! Best of Luck to Me

#Some Must Learn jQuery Plugins:

  1. Owl Carousel
  2. Slick Slider
  3. WOW.js
  4. Typed.js
  5. Anime.js
  6. Isotope
  7. Magnific PopUp
  8. Progressbar.js
  9. Counter Up
  10. Parallax.js
  11. Countdown.js
  12. jQuery One Page Nav
  13. jQuery Nice Select
  14. ScrollUp jQuery
  15. ImagesLoaded
  16. Easy Pie Chart
  17. Chart.js
  18. Tilt.js
  19. ElevateZoom
  20. jQuery UI
  21. Megamenu.js

Written by Abdullah Al Nahian, aka Al Nahian.

Special Credit Goes JS Bangladesh.

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nfrankel profile image
Nicolas Frankel

I'm not sure becoming a WordPress developer in 2021 is really a safe bet.

Google Trend for WordPress over the past 5 years

Source: Google Trend

xowap profile image
Rémy 🤖

Actually I've been recently looking for the top WordPress websites and turns out that most of the examples given in those lists have been re-made with another tech during 2019~2020

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian • Edited

That's very normal. When you'll find a better solution for you, then obviously you're gonna shift to that technology, am I right?

It isn't very surprising that so many WordPress made websites moved to another technology during 2k19-2k20.

Thanks, @Rémy for your opinion!


tfantina profile image
Travis Fantina

I detest working in WordPress these days but it powers 39% of the internet; that's up from 30% in 2017. So if WordPress is your thing it's about the safest bet around.

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

Working in WordPress in 2021 isn't a bad idea at all @travis !

Thanks for your opinion.

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

Thanks for your information !

henrikwirth profile image
Henrik Wirth

You are missing headless WordPress with WPGraphQl 🤷‍♂️

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

Aw, exactly ! Thank you Henrik for your correction. I will definitely add the point in the next edit, alright?

Nowadays, as a WP Developer, we all should know at least the basics of Headless CMS like WordPress and WPGraphQL.

Thanks again.

good3n profile image
Tom Gooden✨


spiritupbro profile image

please remove don't ever use anymore this website is a scam take a look at this, they closed account without warning beware

iceorfiresite profile image
Ice or Fire

Learn something else? Maybe Django with Wagtail?

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

Yeah, that's a good idea. But it's up to you!

Happy Coding, @iceorfiresite

hexanal profile image

I love seeing posts that introduce people to this world...

Holy cow this shit is complicated, eh?

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

What did you mean by this?

hexanal profile image
Fred • Edited

I mean there's heaps of things to learn and it must seem insurmountable to beginners. I've been a frontend "dev" for over 10 years and it still baffles me how over-engineered it seems, sometimes.

Edit: then again, this article is about Wordpress, and I have to admit it's still a solid choice for medium-sized websites, and it's not tooooo hard to work with

Thread Thread
alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

Makes sense :)

sara184 profile image

Informative and quite inspiring article for wanna be WordPress developers.

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

Thank You so much @sara184 .

Best Wishes for you, Happy Coding!

mhasan profile image
Mahmudul Hasan

Nice Article Nahian

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

Thank You Dear Mahmudul Hasan!

auvuonle profile image
Lễ Âu • Edited

You Should start with

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian


roadmaps profile image
Roadmaps master • Edited

May I create a roadmap from your article at

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

Yeah sure, just don't forget to leave a credit with my profile link!

Thank You @roadmaps

juanduquemkt profile image
Juan Duque

Thanks for the list!!! :D

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

You're welcome, @juanduquemkt

creative_xpo profile image
Golam Kibria

Hello, Anime.js have not dependency on jQuery. It is completely another animation library of Javascript

alnahian2003 profile image
Al Nahian

Thank You @rich1n

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