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Bezos' Calculator

alvaromontoro profile image Alvaro Montoro Originally published at ・2 min read

Some developers use their weekends to develop cool and grandiose projects to learn new technologies and to double down as second (or third) sources of income... instead, I used this past weekend, to develop a small and silly project.

I developed a web page that calculates how much money Jeff Bezos makes while you read it: Bezos' Calculator.

It is a mixture of tongue in cheek and social criticism (bubbles pop up with milestones comparing it to other salaries and goods.) The numbers are based on these articles by Bloomberg and BuzzFeed, which calculate Jeff Bezos' gains increase by $3,605 every second.

Initially, the counter was not animated. But the original animation did not work on Safari, so I opted for going with the non-animated version... until @afif provided some feedback and recommendation in the comments, and I updated the animation to this:

One fun thing about the project is how equally it distributed it is:

Screenshot of Github showing the project languages distribution: CSS is at 34.9%, JavaScript is at 32.8%, and HTML is at 32.3%

It is a tiny thing (just one page), so it makes sense that the percentages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are more or less proportional. It's just the first time I see it like that. Normally one of the languages would dominate the project.

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crfries profile image

This is amazing and depressing at the same time.

kirill_golovkov profile image
Kirill Golovkov

especially if you living in 3rd world country

afif profile image
Temani Afif

Animating content is always buggy, check this: : You only need to animate transform (better for performance) and you should not have safari issue. The CSS variables it to dynamically define the last number but you don't need it in your example

alvaromontoro profile image
Alvaro Montoro Author

Thanks for the recommendation. I updated the animation a little based on your example. Thanks again!

alvaromontoro profile image
Alvaro Montoro Author

This is a great idea! And I kind of like more that type of animation too. thanks for the suggestion!

benpai profile image
Benji Grant

This is very depressing 😅

3in0 profile image

I think this is a good way of putting across certain types of statistical facts where the bare numbers themselves don't immediately convey much meaning without this context. Looks pretty cool too.

alvaromontoro profile image
mccurcio profile image
Matt Curcio

I love this.
It would be interesting to follow the median house costs around your state or country.

pradeepradyumna profile image
Pradeep Pradyumna

This is amazing!
I would like to build a similar calculator for the corrupt government officers in my country one day.

pris_stratton profile image
pris stratton

Great work. There used to be a similar one for Gareth Bale - the footballer - after he joined Real Madrid.

perepelitsyn profile image

зависть - плохое чувство!

saurabhshar profile image

This looks great Alvaro, Liked it :)

michaelgrigoryan25 profile image
Michael Grigoryan

This is sad

alexander_grechishkin_ca1 profile image
Alexander Grechishkin

And at the same time, the most unhappy person on earth.

san00 profile image
Osania - sancodes

Hi Alvaro, I really like this. Such a cool idea. Nice animation.

filatovv profile image
Yuri Filatov

This is a really good and relevant article today, thanks for your work.