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Discussion on: Create Drop-Down Menus with Plain CSS

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Alvaro Montoro • Edited on

It looks nice. Do you have a link to a demo?

Edit: a problem with the menu is that it is not keyboard-friendly. It only works on hover, so keyboard users cannot open the menu. A possible solution for it would be to open the menu when the focus is within the navigation (adding one line of code):

#nav-element:focus-within  #div-products, /* <-- new line */
#nav-element:hover  #div-products {
  display: block;
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That way the menu will be keyboard accessible too. Maybe not the best user experience, but at least it would be reachable.

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Steve Alex

Would work fine in a side bar, but in a top bar it pushes everything down. Kind of distracting if used in wrong place. I tried z-index, but never had much luck with z-index.
Still it works fine

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Mohammad S Author

Here's a link to the live demo:
(just added it in the blog too)

Oh, yes.. darn! I forgot about the keyboard accessibility part, Thank You for sharing it. :)